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Sometimes your heart knows things your mind can't explain

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Daniel and Betty Shippers Unite!
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"Sometimes your heart knows things that your mind can't explain."
~ Daniel Meade, 2006 ~

About the Community

Welcome Ugly Betty fans! This is a Daniel Meade/Betty Suarez shipping community. We are of the firm belief that Daniel Meade (the Bachelor) and Betty Suarez (the Butterfly) should be together. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

If you are a fan of the Bachelor and the Butterfly, please join our community and join in the love!

Rules and Other Important Info

1) Please note that posting and polling privileges are limited to members of the community only. So, if you have an interest in B&B and would like to comment, post, and/or answer a poll in the community, then feel free to join. :)

**Kindly note: Membership requests are moderated. If you request membership and are not approved, it's probably because you have an inactive/dead journal (i.e., very little info on your user info page, no blogging activity, no userpics, etc.). If you are denied or you have not received a response regarding your membership request, please feel free to email us at bachelorbutterfly@gmail.com so that we can discuss the matter. We will definitely get back to you.**

Misc. note to members: Please feel free to snag and use any icons that are posted in our User Pic section. Our only request is that you credit the icon-makers when using their icons. Thank you. :)

2) Feel free to post anything that is related to both "Ugly Betty" and the Bachelor and the Butterfly (Daniel/Betty ship), or the actors themselves. This includes:

- Any news (interviews, articles, etc.)

- Video clips (YouTube, etc.)

- Fan Videos

- Fan Fiction

- Pictures and Other Graphics (icons, wallpaper, banners, fanart, etc.)

*** If you would like to post spoiler information, large graphics (i.e., pictures, banners, wallpaper, icon bundles, etc.), or anything lengthy (i.e., articles, fanfic, etc.), kindly do so behind an LJ-cut. ***

3) If you see anything of UB interest that is posted in the community and you would like to post or use them in other areas, feel free to do so but kindly remember to credit the daniel_betty community as one of your sources when posting or using elsewhere.

4) Please note that this is not a community meant for any other UB ship (i.e., Walter/Betty, Henry/Betty, etc.), except B&B. It's definitely fine to discuss the B&B ship in relation to other UB ships, but please do not start a shipping post or discussion that is completely unrelated to B&B. There are other places available for discussing other UB ships, such as gio_heroworship (Gio/Betty).

5) We really would like to keep things peaceful in this community. So, please be respectful when posting comments and discussing your opinions with others. Hateful bashing will not be tolerated.

6) If you would like to promote any other UB-related communities, forums, and/or websites, or if you would like to make a community post that is completely unrelated to UB or D/B (e.g., personal 'ads'), kindly contact us at bachelorbutterfly@gmail.com and let us know before posting any notices.

**Kindly note that we reserve the right to ban any member for purposely disregarding any of the aforementioned rules, and/or for persisting in any disrespectful behavior.**

7) If you have any questions or are interested in affiliating with our community, feel free to contact us at bachelorbutterfly@gmail.com. We'll be very happy to get back to you! :)


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