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Slight Spoilers: "Ugly Betty" info courtesy of Ana Ortiz and E! Online

In a recent interview, Ana Ortiz spoke about what remains to be seen with Season 2 and possibly Season 3 of "Ugly Betty":

According to reports, ABC will resume new episodes of Ugly Betty starting April 24th. Can you give us a little sneak peak of what we’ll see back in April?

Ana Ortiz: “I think what we’re going to be doing is sort of tying up this whole season. I think it’s just gonna be tying up the stories that we started and I think something is going to come to a head with Henry and Betty and I think in terms of my character concerned, I think they’ll start opening up the salon and seeing how that crazy cast of characters is going to work. Basically we’re going to be tying everything up from this season so we can start fresh for season three of a whole bunch of different wildness.”

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Also, according to E! Online, Ugly Betty may be getting another guest appearance soon:


Project Runway Getting Ugly?

Ugly Betty could be getting a fierce guest star.

Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has reportedly told media this week that he will make a cameo as—what else?—himself on the hit ABC comedy.

However, an ABC rep says she can't confirm his appearance. "We hear this stuff all the time," the rep said. "Every day it's someone new."

Ugly or not, he's got Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham in his corner. He did a fitting on Wednesday with the fashionista at her L.A.-area home and another with Heidi Klum.

Later that night, Project Runway producer Jane Cha hosted a dinner in his honor at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with guests including rap artist Eve and über-stylists Cameron Silver and Jessica Pastor.

Ugly Betty should give him a shot. He'd make a great boyfriend for Marc St. James. Just imagine the lovers' spats they could have. Meow.

Source:  Here


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