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Letter From The Editor at ABC been updated

and it's full of Detty sweetness, though not saying so by name.
I was wondering if they would update it since they also updated Amanda's blog. i don't think Betty's blog is gonna be updated it's been on the that Blooby thing post for like forever.

Still Daniel Letter from the editor is sweet and deep and like i said there's Detty in there at least form Daniel side.. check out the last line in the second to last paragraph
check it out:

OT: some asked about the article Betty wrote about Daniel for the 100 Issue well i managed to read it (the video I download of the episode was 720P-HD) at least i think that is the article Betty supposedly wrote and it's really boring they pretty much did the same text for each of the EIC and just changed a bit to make it fit to the editor. i'm adding the Daniel page but be warned there's really nothing there. maybe that isn't it but the picture indicate otherwise.
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